Ek nayi pehal..

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Q. 1.What is the major goal of youth?
Ans: To survive Till a success.. and lead a happier life..
Q. 2.What is the medium to success?
Ans: Education
Q. 3.What is the medium to survive and basic the necessity of life?
Ans: Food, Water & Air..

Q.5.Are they polluted in your country?
Ans. Yes..

“What goes inside, shows outside”-wonderfully said.

Pay attention! Red alert!
If you are thinking, why you bother.. And you are not the right person to contact with.. Or you are helpless.. Ir you can’t do anything about it except accepting the way it is.

Then Think Twice..

Elements to be noticed are:

  1. Vegetables you buy are irrigated from the rivers.
  2. Those rivers that are the site for dumping the domestic and other hazardous waste.
  3. Even the sewage canal are made to join the river.
  4. The same water full of toxins, chemicals is supplied to various corners of the cities.
  5. That water is used for irrigation, drinking and other domestic purposes.
  6. Tourism is mostly based on mountains & rivers in India. All waste disposal by the travellers and visitors is made to flow along with the rivers. The same water is brought to the plain areas for water supply. The rivers like ganga, yamuna, gomti, gangotri, yamnotri, kaveri, godavari, krishna, bramhputra are mostly now polluted.
  7. The most of the population cannot afford R.O. water. At least farmers never use the purified water for irrigation even in the richest farmhouses.

Jago Grahak Jago!

Q. 6.What is the urgent matter that any government should consider for public welfare?
Ans: Measures:

  • Separate Sewage Lines.
  • Strict water cleaning protocols.
  • Attention to irrigation lines.
  • Fines on abolition of laws.
  • Farming industry should be enhanced and modernised.
  • Investors should first invest in agricultural and irrigation sectors.
  • Focus on tourism waste management and cleaniness.

Note: If strict actions are taken then we can rise our tourism again in places like haridwar ganga ghat, rishikesh ram & laxman jhula near ganga,gangotri, mussorie lake and kempty fall, yamuna in mathura, vrindavan & Taj mahal in agra, vaishno devi sthal, amarnath,charo dham like jagannath, badrinath kedarnath, mahakaleshwar, ganga sagar etc.

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Your contribution to this small step towards demanding safe water will be a boon to the country for rising the major step.

First use Safe Water! Then use Save Water.

Life Secured! Country Secured!
Thank you..


Life: Sarcastic View

It might sound you strange, since I called it a mere gateway of give & take.

For some people, it’s to gain & for some people it’s to loose. Is it’s only a business to gain appreciation?

Some people keep telling others, that they failed into a relationship because they were not appreciated for what they are. Ahhhh.! what a concept they owe with pride.

Naah! they are not the innocent ones, infact they are the most cleverest people, who wanna gain the things more than they deserve. At the end of the day, they complain for what others deserve is not worthy! hahahaha..

Moreover life is balanced between these two functional dependencies produced by peoples, Oh! the generation of 21st century unfortunately.

Since it’s 21st century, being an data era just after the IT’s one, we tend to balance our life in the beam of knowledge & sharing. We the citizens applauds at someone’s insult, hesitate to talk to the introverts, creates & destroys relations on behalf of the ego, hack personal profile from media. And a number of crimes we do on our daily basis but that we hardly share it with anyone, as we are scared of our virtual respect & hardly care for the real respect in our own eyes.

What a mystery! To balance it on the other side, we the citizens, be insulted, keep being introverts, accepts the tortures, scare to speak up against those hackers, bear those number of crimes.

It was not enough to call a life.

Since the major give & take, gain & loose business lies in intangible things that defines the term called-“Life”.

Those intangible assets are our emotions & faith.

Somepeople give it, some people take it but very few people share it.

Stop building relation for just hobby or using it as a tool for building your personality or getting appreciation & ofcourse gains.

Was it a message, obviously not since it has no reciever. But yeah it has lesson that what is called a – “life” .

Relations are not between only lovers, they exists with every person you met in your life. Respect them!

If it’s actually about giving & taking, don’t take someone’s happiness & give sorrows. Rather share knowledge n experience.

In the end, I would conclude-” Give Respect, Gain Respect! ”

” Don’t Expect Respect, Earn Respect”-Man_writes